Delta 7
Cartagena, Colombia

A good part of the action in Delta 7 takes place in Cartagena  -- one of my favorite cities in Colombia.  Located on Colombia's northwest coast, Cartagena is a beautiful port town with much history and culture.

  When I was assigned to Colombia as an air attaché, I visited Cartagena several times.  I truly enjoyed getting to know the residents, visiting with the Colombian Navy at their base and headquarters, and seeing many of the sights and sounds, which make this vibrant port city so famous. 

Although the "O'Reily's Marina and Bar" mentioned in the novel does not exist, it is a composite of several establishments and an actual marina that I often visited during my assignment to the US embassy in Colombia.


Cartagena, Colombia   Cartagena, Colombia   Cartagena, Colombia   Cartagena, Colombia

 City map satellite photo showing Cartagena with airport and harbor area (Google Map)