Delta 7
Colombian Defense Forces

The Colombian military has been at war for decades.  Unlike many of its Latin American neighbors, its focus has been -- and remains -- internal.  Rather than orienting its forces and doctrine to combat possible invasions across its borders, the Colombian military has fought against a well-armed armed insurgency.Tri-Service badge of the Colombian military  Although its human rights record has been repeatedly challenged over the years, it remains a largely professional and efficient fighting force.

The primary focus of the US Embassy's Defense Attach� Office (DAO) was to serve as the ambassador's experts in all things military and to continually assess the readiness and capabilities of the Colombian military.  As the Assistant Air Attach� assigned to Colombia my primary emphasis was the Colombian Air Force, (since I was a US Air Force officer) and the management of the DAO's C-12 flying program.  The C-12 is the military version of the Super King Air.

During my many visits to military units throughout the country, I was nearly always impressed with the spirit and professionalism of the members of the Colombian military with whom I met. 

In Delta 7, you will read about many actual units of the Colombian military.  Check out the links below to learn more.


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