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 Note: My interest is PURELY genealogical.  By placing flags/links here, I do not imply support/lack of support for ANY SIDE in the current political situation in Northern Ireland!


Ireland -- General  

[The Four Provinces Flag]           [Friendly Brothers of Saint Patrick]            [St Patrick's Cross]




Irish Naming Conventions
  • The 1st son: usually named after the father's father
  • The 2nd son: the mother's father
  • The 3rd son: the father
  • The 4th son: the father's eldest brother
  • The 5th son: the mother's eldest brother
  •  The 1st daughter: usually named after the mother's mother
  • The 2nd daughter: the father's mother
  • The 3rd daughter: the mother
  • The 4th daughter: the mother's eldest sister
  •  The 5th daughter: the father's eldest sister

Ulster / Northern Ireland

[Ulster banner]