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Cathcart yDNA Study Basics
 Why, What, How, Who, What else?

Why look at genetic background by participating in a yDNA study?

We have all experienced hitting the proverbial brick wall in our genealogical research.  Those of us with the last name "Cathcart/Kathcart/Kithcart" are no exception.  Also, given the nature of Scots-Irish research, only the most lucky of us can trace back with any degree of certainty into the 18th Century.  The genealogical records are pretty scarce back in Scotland, England, and especially in Ulster (Northern Ireland).

What if you've only been able to trace back three or four generations?  What to do?  There often simply aren't enough records to fill in the blanks for those ancestors... and the brick wall looms large and impassable.

Genetic testing gives us another option.  Once you find out which male Cathcart's yDNA most closely match your own, you can concentrate your genealogical research in those families most likely related to you in a reasonable number of generations.

The Family Tree DNA website is sometimes unintelligible.  Markers, haplo-groups, I mean, do I really care if my marker number 459b is a 9?  And what does that mean? J

What I'm going to try to do is allow us to see the results of our tests, and have a look at the genealogy of those most closely related to us genetically speaking.


What is a yDNA Test or Study

Family Tree DNA's Home PageRaymond Cathcart has set up our Cathcart yDNA group with the company Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) and serves as the group administrator. 

Rather than try and explain the process myself, please have a look at their website, you'll find most of your questions answered (What it is, how it works, how much it costs, etc.).

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Who have you found so far?

Unique Haplotypes @ 12-marker level
as of September 12, 2012


How... rules & explanations


Ongoing and Future Enhancements