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This is a listing of the Cathcart males at the end of each "brick wall."  Although some folks (including me) put ancestors behind each of these "founding fathers," the evidence is often pretty slim, unproven and/or disputed.

Use these men as possible anchor points to correlate yDNA genetic test results with known genealogical research.

The Groups

  1. John Cathcart, Sr. (Father of "Big 4"... my line)  
    1. Born circa 1730 in County Antrim Ireland
    2. May also be "James" Cathcart
    3. See chart created by Robert Spann Cathcart outlining earliest male members of this line
    4. Big Four sons: James, Samuel, Matthew and John (click here for more details)
    5. Genetic Results Page
  2. Samuel Cathcart ("Spartanburg Cathcarts")
    1. 1744-1821
    2. Family stayed in Spartanburg County area
    3. James Cathcart, am I related?
    4. Genetic Results Page
  3. William & Mary Cathcart 
    1. Scotland > Ireland > York Dist., SC > Indiana/Louisiana
    2. William Question Page
    3. Genetic Results Page
  4. John C. Cathcart  
    1. b. 1786-1793 in SC? -- d. C1856 in TN?
    2. May be a North Carolina connection
    3. Genetic Results Page
  5. John Cathcart, Sr. (m. Mary/Felicity Fisher; Ireland > Mecklenburg, NC) 
    1. c1764-1818
    2. interestingly one of John's sons is named James Leander Cathcart...see group 8
    3. Genetic Results Page
  6. William Cathcart m. Rachel Neely
    1. William Question Page
    2. Need to change birth date range
      1. My database includes a "wag" of the timeframe of his birth: 1750-1780
      2. Need to crosscheck with possible census listings
    3. son Joseph H. Cathcart (b. circa 1800) moved to Texas
    4. Genetic Results Page
  7. David Cathcart m. Melissa Hollinger  Page or Outline
    1. David was living in the Chester County area of SC in the early 1800s before he left for Illinois.
    2. David War of 1812 (shows age and time in the US)
  8. James Leander Cathcart (Rev. War Navy service)
  9. John Kithcart (b. 1743 County Antrim, m. Sarah White > Fayette Co., PA)
    1. Robert Sherrard Hill's Sons of the AmRev app
  10. Willam Cathcart Lisnawhiggle (Antrim) Cathcarts
    1. 1800-1870, m. Jane/Janet Forbes
  11. Joseph Cathcart (General Sumter's Spy > Tennessee Cathcarts) 
    1. Children identified from pension paperwork: Mary (Cross), Rosey (Thompson), Allen; there are very likely other children who didn't survive Joseph to become "heirs at law."
  12. James Monro Cathcart, Sr. 
    1. I'm fairly certain that with a little more research, we'll trace back further on this line.  See James' page for more details.
    2. Genetic Results Page
  13. John Cathcart  (c1786-1866; married Martha McDowell)
    1. Kells, County Antrim.
    2. Descendants in SE Australia and Canada.
    3. Genetic Results Page
  14. Robert Cathcart
    1. born c. 1755 Scotland - died 1834 Elkhart County, Indiana
    2. Descendants in NY/NJ
    3. Genetic Results Page
  15. John Cathcart
    1. b. 1817-1823 in Scotland; m. Jane Martin)  .
  16. Henry Pollard Cathcart
    1. born and died in Spartanburg County, South Carolina (1839-1915); also lived in Indiana and Mississippi
    2. middle name sometimes rendered: Poland or Poling
    3. likely a member of the Spartanburg Cathcart group (group 2)
  17. James A. Cathcart (PDF report)
    1. b. 1855 Georgia - d. 1927 Troup Co., AL
    2. son William changed name to Kite/Kyte
  18. Alexander Cathcart
    1. ~1800-1868 Gilgad, County Antrim, Ireland
    2. see William (10) and John (13) who hail from Kells/Connor/Lisnawhiggle area (SE of Ballymena)
  19. William Cathcart
    1. ~1814-1891, County Fermanagh, Ireland
    2. M. Mary Kelly
    3. 1/67 match with one of our participants and a UK Cathcart who has not yet joined our group.
  20. Future Cathcart Group -- My Page | Online GEDCOM:

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Cathcart Groups Genetic Distance Matrix

1. John 2. Samuel 3. William 4. John C. 5. John 6. William 7. David 8. James L 9. John Kith 10. William 11. Joseph 12. James M 13. John 14. Robert 15. John 16. Henry Pollard 17. James A 18.Alexander 19.
1. John Cathcart (B4) NA 2/67 3/67 3 3/67 3   3/67       3/67   4/67             5/67
2. Samuel Cathcart "Spartanburg" 2/67 NA 0     1/67       1/67   2/67 1/111
3. William & Mary 3/67 0 NA 0/67   1/67           2/67 1/111
4.  John C. Cathcart 3/67   0/67 NA                             2/67
5. John (Mary/Felicity Fisher)         NA                            
6. William (m. Rachel Neely) 3/67 1/67 1/67     NA                          
7. David (m. Melissa Hollinger)             NA                        
8. James Leander Cathcart               NA                      
9. John Kithcart (Fayette, PA                 NA                    
10. William (Lisnawhiggle, Antrim) 3/67 1/67               NA                  
11. Joseph Cathcart (spy) NA              
12. James Monro Cathcart, Sr. 4/67 2/67 2/67                 NA 2/67 5b             
13. John Cathcart (Kells, Antrim) , 5  2/67 5b  1/111
                2/67 5b  NA            
14. Robert Cathcart (m. Rhoda)                           NA          
15. John b1817 Scotland                             NA        
16. Henry Pollard Cathcart                               NA      
17. James A Cathcart                                 NA    
18. Alexander Cathcart
b~1800 Gilgad, Antrim, Ireland
19. William Cathcart (Fermanagh) 5/67   2/67 2/67                             NA


  1. General Notes:
    1. Under construction... as a yDNA participant, please let me know if you'd like this done any differently!
    2. 2/67 = -2 genetic distance on 67-marker test
    3. NA = Not Applicable... same group
    4. a blank square means I haven't input the data yet
    5. The numbers/names on each row and column correspond with the individuals/patriarchs on groups page
    6. Where there are two or more participants within the same group, and they have different genetic matches/differences when compared against another other group,  the closest match will be depicted.
  2. Gw & HR Cathcart, see Group 2 page for more details/suppositions
  3. My own test is 3/67 from the two participants above.
    1. However, two other participants: RS & JA are 0/67 or exact matches to each other -- (see group 1c) also fall into my genealogical group.  They are known to be fifth cousins to myself and descend from John Cathcart (father of the "Big 4" brothers). 
    2. However, both of these gentlemen are more distant genetically (6/67) from the two gentlemen in footnote 2 above.
    3. These results are puzzling, as they seem to contradict the genetic results.
  4. The townlands of Kells and Lisnawhiggle are about a half mile apart.
  5. Our only participant in this group hails from Southeast Australia. Descendants of this John Cathcart of Kells also immigrated to Delaware/New York and Canada.
    1. 0/67 Exact match with genetic group 1a, which includes five members.
    2. next closest match is to my own group (from Big 4) and a descendant of James Monro Cathcart (12).
  6. John Cathcart from Kells connection to both William and Mary and Samuel "Spartanburg" Cathcart line
    1. We have testing that shows an exact match at the 111-marker level between two participants who hail from the William and Mary and Spartanburg lines.  This result was unexpected.
    2. Participant Ba Cathcart (111 marker test) shows a one step (-1/111) distance from these two lines. 
  7. One participant from this group.  Matches most closely with two individuals—one of whom has not yet joined our group.  I'm not aware of the ancestry of any of the closest matches to this group (1/67).

Please get in touch with me so I can add your name into a specific group chart